Take a look at what some of our past clients have to say about their experience and Room To Move. Feel free to leave your own review!

"Taking this course from you has not only informed but really transformed how I work with students every day. What I learned is woven into everything I do now, professionally. Thank you for all your feedback on my proposals and final projects."​

“Thanks for a great class. I hope our paths cross again soon.”

“I have enjoyed working with you and want you to know you have had a tremendous impact on me and my approach to teaching. Ever since I began the class I have become more aware of references to trauma. I have been amazed by what seems to me as a sudden explosion of people talking about trauma in schools, how to help children who have experienced trauma, how trauma impacts children and more! Thank you for sharing your expertise. I look forward to hearing your comments concerning my project implementation. The process was difficult at times, but I am so happy to be on this path of awareness.”​

"Thank you for your feedback. Your instruction, experience and wisdom were very helpful during this course. It was one of the best I've taken in awhile ~ thank you so much!"​

“I have learned a significant amount in this class, and feel hopeful about helping students.”​

“Thank you SO much for everything. I truly enjoyed this class and learned a lot."

“I still hear your voice in making decisions at school. Thank you for the work you do.”

“I feel incredibly lucky to have found this course and to experience the successes I have in 8 weeks.”

"Thank you for this experience! It has truly rejuvenated my work! I look forward to our paths crossing again! Could you add me to your contact list for future courses or presentations?!"