Mixed race girl, tanned skin, Curly short hair sitting, drawing and painting with concentration and intended in the library at school. In Bangkok, Thailand. Education Concept with Copy space

An Open Art Studio format is a flexible structure for the use of art media that invites a wide range of ages to engage with materials together in their own individual way. This structure allows for a flow of participants into and out of a collective “studio”. Kids can visit, observe, or choose to make art with selected materials. An art therapist serves to facilitate participation as they feel comfortable. Materials may be introduced with instruction, support of a “third hand” and modeling or simply displayed for discussion and inspiration.


Participants are guided with predictable routines and expectations for safe, independent and productive use of art media in the setting. They are supported in engaging both verbally and non-verbally throughout the process that will provide the necessary conditions to practice self-regulation, build executive function and communication skills while expressing themselves with their chosen materials.


 Open Art Studio design considers several sustainability factors in creating a replicable format that ensures predictability in facilitator roles by librarians, museum curators, assisting staff and volunteers. The physical layout and set up of material options is all designed to be inclusive, manageable as an ongoing program for our communities.


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