Betsy Graziadei MPS ATR-BC has over 25 years of experience helping families, communities, and institutions respond better to mental health. Betsy is a registered and Board Certified Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Association. With her extensive qualifications and experience, Betsy teaches strategies to help people feel good, be less reactive, and be more productive in their home and in their community. For families and caregivers, Betsy offers a four session consultation to reset family stress response patterns and assess what if any further mental health interventions are needed. For institutions, Betsy offers professional development courses that helps working professionals manage stressi their role with strategies that buffer the impact of stress response patterns and establish lasting effective practices to address repeated demands within a virtual, in-person, or hybrid professional climate.

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Art Therapy for Connecticut Families

The stress, isolation, uncertainty, and loss that we all experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed everyday routines and negatively impacted mental health throughout Connecticut and beyond. Because of the growing concern for mental health within the community, Room to Move is offering help. We offer a four session consultation series for caregivers that helps families manage stress effectively throughout their daily routines. This allows everyone in the family to relate and communicate better with one another. In Room to Move’s four part art therapy consultation, families will learn proven effective creative methods such as the vagus breath with alignment, creating sensory profiles, tracking and fine-tuning non-verbal practices, different healthy and mindful movements like yoga, and more. With these coonsults, our hope is that by the end each individual with the family will be less anxious, less depressed and more competent in their home. Each individual will also have different methods to use to regulate any stress they experience beyond their homes and throughout their lives.

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 Room to Move offers Connecticut families, individuals, and institutions essential strategies to managing stress, coping with hardships, and feeling better mentally.  If you would like to learn more about our services, or how you can get started today, contact us by calling (802) 989-2550 or by filling out a contact form. Take a look at the different professional development courses we offer throughout Connecticut, and beyond. Don’t forget to look at our resources page for more information and resources about mental health.