Betsy Graziadei MPS ATR-BC, is a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Association and has over 25 years of experience helping families better respond to the demands of the daily routine and as well their children’s mental health symptoms. Families can learn instant strategies to decrease reactivity in family relationships and help children learn the necessary skills needed to feel good and be productive in their home and in their community. Betsy offers families who are seeking mental health intervention a four session consultation with the caregivers to reset family stress response patterns and assess what if any further mental health interventions are needed.

Family Consult for Boston, MA Families

The past couple of years has been affected greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has it cast a light on physical health but also mental health. The closing of schools, work has caused a dramatic change in everyone’s everyday routines. These dramatic changes caused isolation, loss, and more which took a toll on mental health throughout the Boston, MA community and beyond. Families can address their mental health needs that have been brought to light with the Covid-19 pandemic with effective proven strategies for parents or caregivers and children. Thankfully, Room to Move can really help. We offer a four session consultation series for the parent or caregiver that helps families establish regulation practices throughout their daily routines that help manage stress more effectively so everyone can function, relate and communicate better.  Some of these creative methods include the vagus breath with alignment, creating sensory profiles, tracking and fine-tuning non-verbal practices, and different healthy and mindful movements like yoga, and more. Our goal at Room to Move is to help each individual within families to feel less dysregulated with anxiety and depressive symptoms and to be more competent at home and beyond. 

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We understand from the stress of Covid-19 pandemic measures that managing one’s mental health and physical health are priorities.  Room to Move offers Boston, MA families, individuals, and institutions essential strategies to managing stress, coping with hardships, and feeling better mentally. Take a look at the different courses we offer throughout Boston, MA, and beyond. Don’t forget to look at our resources page to read more about the importance of mental health.