Family Consult

  • Gain confidence in the daily routine
  • Reset Family Stress Response
  • Create Routines and Rituals with Regulation
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About the Family Consult

While there has been a sense of urgency created during the COVID-19 pandemic for individuals to better manage their mental health,  addressing these issues has been a growing need that starts at home. Room to Move offers a Family Consultation to first help caregivers and their families to learn scientifically proven tactics to manage stress while revamping their routines and rituals with regulation. This 2-4 part series teaches you methods that will reset the family stress response system which is usually what reinforces reactive behaviors, allowing everyone to feel more competent in your home. Through  a creative arts therapy approach, you’ll practice nonverbal strategies to manage stress and feel better and more hopeful. This program uses creative and proven essential methods to manage stress, including the vagus breath with alignment, movement like yoga, and beyond. Our goal is to provide you with effective strategies that can be as a lifelong practice to depend on and manage the impact of our daily stress and progress in developmentally healthy ways. 

Meet Betsy Graziadei!

AATA Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist